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The most ferocious mosquito in the arctic

Author: Bonn 2017-06-12

When the winds are gradually receding, endless summer sun, burn pin-points of lakes on the frozen tundra, at this point, the harshest of the arctic's terrible predator appeared quietly , they appear in the sky in droves, dark sky,  shadow people's heart

Alaska crosses the Arctic Circle, but mosquitoes are rampant in this area and many alaskans changing their voice  when talking about Alaska's mosquitoes, when it appeared ,will become the topic of the whole,city, the arctic animals can be as their food ,  so once concentrate the goal, they launched a relentless attack, kept chasing.

then Locals going to the "emergency", wore long pants and closed doors and Windows, with the fastest speed in and out of the car and the door,no parking near rivers or camping, equipped with the most powerful pesticides, opened the car door to mosquito-repellent incense points in 20 minutes early to prevent mosquitoes from entering  if not in accordance with the above method ,you will become a Alaska mosquitoes "dinner".


 This mosquito which is the same size as lobster said to be from Alaska.Ordinary people is hard to believe that have mosquitoes in and arctic Alaska ,  but that is true, in the harsh living conditions at the same time, overcome the Alaska mosquitoes here has finally been locals referred to  as the "state bird" for the state.


Mosquitoes in the spring and summer of each year, on the north slope of Alaska, not only the volume is huge, and very aggressive,  locals call them as "giant mosquito killer", not only eat animals such as rabbits and frogs, also frighten caribou changed the route, it's not enough to use "extreme terror" to describe