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Will your Mosquito repellent kill all the mosquitoes on my property?

No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito . As you might imagine, a mosquito from

a neighboring property could wander into your yard and bite you before feeding on the treated foliage. 

However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes is enormously reduced. And if you don’t, 

you can get a refund based on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Does the electronic mosquito vaporizer and mosquito coil kill mosquitoes?

Not necessarily. The mosquito repellent liquid and mosquito repellent mat  is designed to repel

rather than kill.but mosquito coil and insecticide aerosol is surely kill mosquitoes

Should I rely on the information on this site determine whether I have a vector-borne disease?

Definitely not. We do not purport to be a medical authority, nor do we claim to have complete 

lists of symptoms, diagnostic data or treatment information. You should contact a health care

professional immediately if you suspect a vector-borne disease.

Besides professional mosquito control treatments, are there steps I can take to protect my 

family from mosquitoes myself?

Yes! You can learn about them on our Hacker News pages as well as mail to us

You certainly have a lot of facts and statistics on your website. Where did you get them all?

As Mosquito repellent killer products professionals, we stay current on rules, regulations, and facts regarding mosquito

life, diseases and control. The information on this website has been gathered from our 

professional experience and from credible sources such as state agricultural and health 

departments, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. However,

much of the science on vector-borne disease and pest management is continually developing. 

There are contradictions from source to source and even within sources. We have made every

effort to present what we believe to be the most current, most widely accepted facts–but, 

keep in mind that things change faster than we can update and conflicting scientific opinions exist.