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  • Agent wanted Bonn We are anticipating to building long standing good business relations with those company with good reputation,like yours 2016-06-28
  • Requirements of Exclusive Agency

    We would like to do business with those partner whose reputation is well and respect our follows policy

    1)Since the market situation is not known to us, we are not going to take the question of sole agency into consideration for the first time being.

    but before going further into the matter, we should like to know more about your market.

    2)We can’t give you exclusive agency of the whole market without having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover.

    3)We shall not consider pointing you as our sole agent until your sales record justify our doing so.

    4)To facilitate the extension of sales, you mush advertise our products by mean of all ranges 

    5)As our sole distributor, you will neither handle the same or similar products of other regions nor re-export our goods outside to any other region outside your own.

    6)As our agent you should send us your market report of Mosquito repellent regularly at least once every three month.

    7)During the agency please pay close attention to the consumer’s comments on our products.

    8)Once to be our Exclusive Agency ,No failing. No kidding. No quitting.